Tell me about your experience

Do you work as a screenwriter, director, or producer in the European film and television industry? Have you come across audience data or AI tools? Then I would love to interview you for my PhD research. All interviews are confidential.

More specifically, I am keen to talk to you if you have encountered:

girl walking up bar chart illustration


You have used data from an internal research or analytics department.

streaming services TV illustration


You have collaborated with a global or regional streaming service (e.g. Netflix, Viaplay, Amazon, etc.).


You have used AI tools, for instance AI script analysis software like ScriptBook, Cinelytic, or StoryFit.



All interviews are confidential, and it won’t be possible for anyone else to trace your answers back to you or your work. I typically combine findings from several people and report them in aggregate form. If I cite any individual statements, I do so using pseudonyms.


I would like to interview you soon, but I know these are very challenging times. We can schedule an interview for now or a later time.


We can talk via Skype, Jitsi Meet, Zoom, or another service of your choice. I will ask a series of open-ended questions to encourage you to describe your experience freely. 


60 minutes or less/more depending on your availability.

Moving forward

Drop me an e-mail, and we can arrange a time to chat: